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Chronic Pain - an enduring sensation that does not respond to, or has possibly exhausted conventional medical intervention and therapy, which can ultimately  make both sufferers  and their carers feel isolated and abandoned. 

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The problem with chronic pain is that it cannot always be seen, there are no bandages or legs in plaster casts to give an outward indication that the sufferers are in pain. Regrettably, when all other interventions have failed, they are left to manage their condition through a long term medication regime and have to learn to live with the attendant side effects.

GOSPORT PARTNERS THROUGH PAIN was formed in November 2011 following a discussion between Brenda Hadfield and her GP. Brenda had already launched a group in Fareham and Dr Zeb Mebranhtu asked her to establish a local group for the Gosport area.


PARTNERS THROUGH PAIN is a Gosport based voluntary, non-profit making group for sufferers of chronic pain symptoms. Since formation the group has grown a membership now numbering 25 and we have given ourselves a ceiling of 30, within which we hope to sustain quality activity. The aim of our group is for members to provide each other with support through regular meetings where experiences, views and beneficial ideas are shared in an informal, friendly environment. An additional aim is to provide talks by invited speakers, regular lunches at local venues and occasional outings to places of interest. Sufferers can often feel isolated and depressed which is exactly why a group such as ours is so important.


At PARTNERS THROUGH PAIN we collect information from various sources and use it to build and sustain strength and knowledge of chronic pain. Rather akin to a Hummingbird collecting nectar from the flowers.

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